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Boat Mooring Melbourne

Wet Berth Patterson Lakes Marina

Come ashore and moor your boat! A mooring is a permanent anchoring system located in the water, to which you can securely fasten your boat and keep it stable in open water. 

The city of Melbourne is known for its lively boating scene and is home to many vibrant waterways. This dynamic movement on the water has led to a bustling social landscape with a growing demand for specialised boat mooring. In the canal-rich suburb of Patterson Lakes, there are many boat launching facilities that cater to the city’s vibrant boating community. 

If you are a sailor, fishing enthusiast or luxury vessel owner in Melbourne, boat mooring provides a secure anchorage point to keep your vessel safely in place on a short or long-term basis. 

Trusted Boat Mooring Partner in Melbourne

When you want to moor your boat, trust Patterson Lakes Marina as your premier choice for all your boat storage, maintenance and boat mooring in Melbourne. Our premises are well maintained and can cater to all types of luxury yachts or commercial vessels. We operate a 24-hour fuel dock and are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems to protect your sailboats. With our long-standing reputation for reliability and excellence in service, we offer peace of mind for boat owners.

Strategic Location

Nestled within the serene beauty of Patterson Lakes, our Marina is surrounded by many picturesque rivers, and is within easy reach of major bays. The waterways not only provide a docking spot but also a lifestyle enriched with opportunities for entertainment, dining and a diverse array of maritime activities.

Nestled within the serene beauty of Patterson Lakes, our Marina is surrounded by many picturesque rivers, and is within easy reach of major bays. The waterways not only provide a docking spot but also a lifestyle enriched with opportunities for entertainment, dining and a diverse array of maritime activities.

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Patterson Lakes Marina Home maintenance

Unmatched Security

If you’re looking for a safe and serene boat mooring place near you, our Marina is the perfect fit. We have implemented several security measures and state-of-the-art safety technologies to keep your boat safe.

Security is provided via-a-gate with an electronic card-scanning system and all main walkways are protected by a gate-card secured entrance. The 24-hour security cameras fixed throughout the facility provide surveillance round-the-clock for your boats. We have also employed security personnel to monitor the premises and patrol the docks, so unauthorised individuals cannot enter. An emergency response mechanism is also in place to protect your boats from any dangers.

Flexible Mooring Options

Choosing a boat mooring can be like navigating through uncharted waters. Boat mooring at Patterson Lakes Marina is well-suited to meet your diverse mooring needs. Whether you have a small recreational vessel or a large mercantile boat, we have a range of wet and dry storage options tailored to meet your needs.

Patterson Lakes Marina Home wet berth

Types of Moorings Available

Our Marina has a variety of mooring options available for boat owners according to your boat size and preference.  You can choose from our wet and dry storage options for all your vessels.

The dry dock and stack storage facility is made from solid concrete and fitted in with fire-fighting and superior lighting equipment.  It has ample capacity to house vessels up to 30 feet long and 5 tons in weight. The berths provide year-round protection for your boats and are equipped with repair facilities.

With our dry dock, members can save on boat maintenance costs and keep their boats clean, efficient and secure in a dry berth environment. The best part about keeping your boat out of the water is the sense of security that comes with knowing your boat is safe and well looked after.  

When you want to launch your boat, you simply need to submit a request through the phone or mobile app.  All we need is an hour’s notice and we will launch it for you. For your convenience, boats are launched and retrieved by an electric crane and a wash-down service is also provided upon return.  

You can also choose to store your boats in our wet berths. We offer members secure all-weather wet berths for boats, from 22 ft (6.7m) to 60 ft (29.2m) in length. Our wet berths are serviced with 240-volt power, water and fire-fighting equipment. An electronic card scanning system is in place for all entrances and a gate-card protects all main walkways. In addition to that, a 24-hour video surveillance is also installed.

A few jet- ski docks are also available at the Marina. A trailer park storage is also accessible offsite, with video surveillance around the clock.  

Boat Mooring Fees and Charges

If you are looking for a boat mooring for sale, consider purchasing one from Patterson Lakes Marina. Our boat mooring fees are transparent, and ensure clarity and fairness for all our patrons. We believe in providing top-notch facilities and services that offer value for money.

Since our Marina boasts proximity to major bays and Melbourne's bustling CBD, our mooring rates are competitive, because of our convenient location and access to amenities.

The boat mooring costs at our Marina will vary according to the length of your boat, location of the Marina and the period you wish to store your boat for. Additional charges, like a priority waitlist, establishment, relocation or licence transfer fee, may be applicable for mooring.

Secure Boat Mooring Solutions

We understand how important your investment is and safely securing it is of utmost importance. You can trust us with ‘Her’ and rest assured knowing we will securely moor your boat in calm waters. Patterson Lakes Marina provides top-tier mooring solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of every vessel entrusted to us. 

The state-of-the-art facilities at the Patterson Lakes Marina provides protection for all boats from theft, damage and unauthorised access. By mooring your boat at our Marina, you safeguard it from extreme weather conditions and provide it the care it deserves. Moreover, it offers you peace of mind, so you can enjoy your watercraft without worrying about its safety.

Choose Patterson Lakes Marina for Your Boat Mooring Needs!

Secure your boat at our Marina today and experience a world-class mooring service. Call us today on 9772 6622 to learn more or join us on a personal tour to explore the space and find out how we can meet all of your berthing needs at Patterson Lakes Marina.

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