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What are the Best Ways to Store a Boat and Why is it Important?

A boat is an expensive investment, storing your boat at Patterson Lakes Marina will provide you with peace of mind that it is being kept safe and secure, when not in use. We want to take the stress out of boat ownership and to provide you with easy access when required.


Boat Storage Types

Dry Dock Boat Storage

Our dry-stack storage facility enables members to keep their boat in a clean, efficient and secure dry-berth environment, offering year round protection.

That means you spend less time waxing, and more time boating. Performance also gets a slight boost since bottom paint becomes unnecessary and in most cases, painting the bottom of a boat shaves off one-half to one kn per hour of speed.

All of these factors, of course, also apply to a boat stored on a trailer. In that case however, you’ll have to deal with the time and hassle of launching or retrieving the boat yourself, as well as the increased fuel and time investment that comes with trailering. But either way, the best part about keeping your boat out of the water is the feeling of security that comes with knowing your boat is safe and secure.

Launching your boat couldn’t be easier. At Patterson Lakes Marina, we use the boat cloud mobile app, meaning you are able to launch your boat via our mobile app with only 1 hours notice, so spur of the minute decisions to use your boat can easily be accommodated.

Wet Berth Moorings

Patterson Lakes Marina’s wet berths provide a secure location for the safe and secure storage of your boat. PLM offers members secure all-weather wet berths for boats from 22 ft (6.7m) to 60 ft (29.2m) in length. All wet berths are fully serviced with 240-volt power, water and fire-fighting equipment. Security is provided via a gate with electronic card-scanning system and all main walkways are protected by gate card secured entrances. In addition, 24-hour video security is in place.

Which boat storage will suit me?

Hopefully after reading all the information provided above, you now have a better idea of what type of boat storage will suit you the best. If you are still undecided, feel free to come on down to Patterson Lakes Marina and tour our facilities for yourself.

Why is boat storage important?


Tired of waiting in queues at public boat ramps to launch your boat? Why not let us do it for you, so that you can spend your precious recreational time in the water, enjoying your boat! All we need is one hours notice to launch your boat from the dry stack and it will be ready and waiting for you, in the water, whenever you need it.

Our wet berths provide ease of access all year round and comprehensive security via our gated security card system with video monitoring.

Save on Maintenance costs

The best way to save on boat maintenance costs is to store your boat is in the dry stack at Patterson Lakes Marina. This will protect your boat from all weather conditions, all year round.

When you return your boat to the dry stack, we wash down the hull to remove salt build up, before storing. This will help to maintain your boat in tip-top condition, whist also saving on anti-fouling costs, as this becomes unnecessary when your boat is stored in our dry-stack facility.

Store a boat at Patterson Lakes Marina: How can we help?

Contact us on 9772 6622 for any questions on boat storage in Melbourne!